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Couples Workshops

Partner for Life Workshops

Of course, you have a great relationship, but what will it be like, 10, 20 or 50 years from now?  Are you prepared for the long term relationship or don’t think about it much? Our workshop provides you with the tools to identify and explore the deeper yearnings you both have in your relationship and how to best communicate those desires.  We will show how your families have helped shape your view of relationships, how to ask for what you need, and how to keep your love fresh every day.

Chicago Weddings Couple WorkshopWhy do so many relationships fail?  Because they were unprepared for the journey even though they thought they were.

What you have is so special and is worth investing a few hours in order to plan for a lifetime together.

During the workshop we use a lot of clips from favorite TV shows and movies, hot music, have group interaction and even our own version of the Amazing Race to shake things up a bit. We have door prizes, discount coupons for area fun and a certificate good for a personal couples counseling session.

The Partner for Life workshop is for couples wanting to have more in their relationship today, tomorrow and for the rest of their life. Not structured around any particular religious system and not limited to those who are married or getting married, it is all about building an amazing relationship as a couple.

Couples Counseling

Life is a moving target. And sometimes we are the one in the crosshairs needing some understanding and direction.

For more than thirty years, I have provided counseling to couples who are struggling with various challenges to their relationships.

If I am performing your wedding or have performed your wedding you are entitled to your first conversation at no charge. Subsequent sessions are based on a sliding scale.

Self-Directed Workbooks

Challenges in your relationship don’t happen on schedule or in line with your finances. But if you still want to develop a closer understanding, offers a two workbook set that helps foster communication on your schedule and within a reasonable budget.
Chicago Weddings Couple Workshop
You read scenarios of actual couples, score your response to what you read and when both of you complete the scenarios, you review your responses together. The exercise not only reveals areas of commonality and caution, but brings you closer together in the process.
Cost of the materials is $50.00 (includes postage).